Juicy Brew

Juicy Brew crew (left to right): Dr. Kiki Blum, Christina Hee, Jennifer Hee, RJ Abad

Juicy Brew crew (left to right): Dr. Kiki Blum, Christina Hee, Jennifer Hee, RJ Abad

How long have you been doing this?

Juicy Brew has been in business for 4 years. We opened at the end of December 2014. Fun fact, our first location was actually a kiosk in the lobby of a medical building.

What are some of the unique challenges for Juicy Brew?

Millennials kind of understand the value and motivations of eating vegan, so reaching out to them can feel like preaching to the choir. However, I think there is a certain stigma that comes with the word “vegan” which can make it tricky at times to turn on more kids and seniors to this diet. It is interesting to have an Uncle or Aunty come in to our shop, tell us about their health problems, and understandably still be somewhat reluctant to eat. You have to think about how unfamiliar these ingredients and menu choices are to them. But then they keep coming back after they realize the food taste just as good as what they might be used to, and their health conditions improve!

What do you love about Kaimuki?

We love the community, being around kindred businesses. Sometimes it feels like that scene from Beauty and the Beast when Belle is walking down the street waving to everyone.

Where do you see Kaimuki in 5 years?

Banan and What it Dough will have moved to Kaimuki (laughs out loud)! Hopefully we’ll be more bike friendly, and have more parking. For Juicy Brew specifically, I hope we’ll be able to keep being innovative with local ingredients. We plan on doing more community engagement through workshops and classes.

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